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Network Penetration Testing (NPT)/Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Network Penetration Testing (NPT) is an assessment that identifies vulnerabilities within network infrastructures, systems and devices. Network Penetration Testing (NPT) aims to provide threats and intrusion.

Network Penetration Testing (NPT) can either target networks that are publicly accessible or Internal Networks. Protect your data, devices and resources from attackers. We offer network penetration testing (NPT) service that will assist the companies in understanding the weaknesses, flaws and vulnerable points which are present in your network infrastructure.

The prime objective of Network penetration testing (NPT) is recognizing exploitable vulnerabilities in systems, networks, network devices like switches, routers, and hosts before an attacker can discover and exploit them.

Types of Network Penetration Testing (NPT)

Internal Network Penetration Testing (NPT)

Inside your organization, there are plenty opportunities to exploit your network resources by external attackers as well as any internal intruder like an employee or malicious intended person, which may cause potential damage. If an attacker gains access to your internal access of any device or system, it will be an ease for an attacker to get high privileges to cause impairement as he is already inside your network. Safeguarding your internal network infrastructures is highly recommended.

External Network Penetration Testing (NPT)

An External Network Penetration Test (NPT) is planned to assess the effectiveness of security controls as well as to identify weakness affecting all others. External systems such as Web servers, Mail servers, FTP servers etc, testing them from an attacker perspective over the internet targeting your network resources.

How Network Penetration Testing (NPT) will help your organization

The network is a heart for an organization which works on information technology. Network Penetration Testing will provide an organization with an eagle view of your security system’s efficiency. Large companies have large and multi-faceted networks as more organizations move to cloud-based systems. Either the local Network environment or cloud-based will have the potential for terrible breaches.

As Business leaders, you should be prepared to make informed decision about your enterprise Security. Network Penetration Testing will guide you in this regards by finding flaws and misconfigurations in your network devices and other infrastructure.

Process of Network Penetration Testing (NPT) Process

Scope / Reconnaissance

Several methods will be utilized to get max information about the targeted system information. Getting information on the internal and external network will reduce the scope of testing should be performed for the organization. Several tools and services offer you to get information like table names, databases details, software version, Database versions and plugins and much more information.


Based on the information gathered, testers will examine the network infrastructures for weakness and flaws in targeted system and devices. Apart from that, pen tester will launch multiple attacks to identify entry points to the devices and system, which are not properly configured or having a weakness.

Detection/ Exploitation

Understanding the infrastructure design and how its work for request and response from internal as well as external networks by intrusion attacks. Either static or dynamic analysis will be used to penetrate the infrastructures. A proper way of testing is to verify the devices and systems behavior in the exact way in which it should be run.


After penetration testing is done, brief report will be prepared to take action against the weakness and flaws found. The report will also consist of suggestions and remedial methods against flaws that are identified during tests.

Benefits of Network Penetration Testing (NPT)

  • Securing corporate network protection architecture
  • All logs and events data remain within the organization’s perimeter
  • External threat aptitude is applied without any extra struggle
  • Detection of network worms, malware correlating logs and monitoring logs eventually
  • Identification of critical endpoints, analyse risk and mitigate a plan
  • Protecting IT assets like servers, network devices and applications.
  • Reduce the risk of data breach, theft and loss

Why Cyberensis for Network Penetration Testing (NPT)

  • Cyberensis experts will assist you with industry’s top security intelligence from day one along with real-time monitoring, response assistance and security compliance.
  • Cyberensis Analyze advanced analytics, retrieve logs and examining them.
  • Determining more resourceful and effective network security monitoring with full data archive to support audits easy to understand
  • Cyberensis also assists you in making your internal and external network stronger in security compliance.