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Mobile Application Penetration Testing (MAPT)

Communication through Mobile has become an essential element in day to day life of mankind. Varied innovations in technologies are getting emerged in mobile communication to satisfy user’s needs on a daily basis.

As new technologies emerge out, there's a huge scope of encountering vulnerabilities in those technologies. We are relying upon the mobile applications for each n every aspect and consequently, we are sharing our sensitive information with the applications.

To ensure that Mobile applications are secure enough to share our information, it’s soo necessary to rely on Mobile application penetration testing (MAPT). Mobile threats could grow endlessly and cannot be defended with a single method, and hence multi-layered security approach is needed.

Mobile application penetration testing (MAPT) will identify the security flaws, bugs or other defects in a mobile application that can hamper the overall performance of the application. Not just the Security issues in Mobile Penetration testing, it will also examine the functionality aspects of an application.

How Mobile Application Penetration Testing (MAPT) will help your organization

Google, Apple and windows have millions of mobile applications that are being hosted. Every application has its own identity, in addition with few security flaws and issues. And,we are usually depending on mobile applications for every essential service like banking, shopping and Business etc.
Nevertheless, Is Your organization developing a Mobile application? Is your organization hosting any mobile application? If yes,

Is It Really Secure…?

Mobile applications are inclined to flaws like web applications nowadays. Our Mobile Application Penetration Testing service will guide you to identify vulnerabilities that exist in the application.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing (MAPT) methodology Includes

  • How the application reacts compared to common input attacks, server-side controls.
  • De-bugging mobile application to test its functionalities.
  • Presence and implementation of transport security.
  • Third-party code authenticity validation.
  • Any fallout from uninstalling the application.
  • Authorization, Permission and Authentication controls.

Various methods of Mobile Application Penetration Testing (MAPT)

Static testing:

This test could be done without executing application testing and Analysing config files, Server credentials, Cryptographic Keys, Hardcoded Passwords.

Dynamic Testing:

Analysing the application when it is running like Input validation, Malicious inputs, Buffer overflow, file upload, Error handling and information leakage, Logs tampering.

Server-side/ Archive Testing:

Applications which are built for specific Architecture and extracted for other architecture also. And few other attacks like Directory Traversal, command injection, RCE, SQL injection, Sensitive file exposure, web server misconfiguration will test.

Process of Mobile Application Penetration Testing (MAPT)

Scope and Discovery

Information gathering about the applications and other related components and functionalities by going through search engines, finding leaked source code by forums, social media etc.

Vulnerability Assessment (VA)

Using multiple Testing methodology testers will identify security issues and also verifies pre and post-installation of applications.


Demonstrating data violation or exploiting by the existed vulnerabilities in an application. Gaining unauthorized access and sensitive information or performing any malicious activities.


Preparing a brief review on finding vulnerabilities by testing application such as vulnerabilities type, impact on the application, risk rating etc.

Benefits of Mobile Application Penetration Testing (MAPT)

  • Protecting users Sensitive and personal information against cybercriminals or hackers.
  • Securing users confidential data from those applications which are meant to unauthorized access to the data.
  • Preventing your mobile devices from infecting malware Ransome etc.
  • Reducing error in source code.
  • Building trustworthy among user regards safeguards their information.

Why Cyberensis for Mobile Application Penetration Testing (MAPT)

  • Cyberensis Mobile Application Penetration testing service is designed to uniform the best of the client’s needs.
  • Cyberensis integrating both static and dynamic analysis, test application at rest as well as a runtime to identify vulnerabilities.
  • Cyberensis testing with multiple attack vectors and threats into account which includes jailbreaking iOS and rooted Android devices.
  • Summarized and Technical detailed report for the client to understand the impact of flaws that occurs.

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