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Cybersecurity consulting

Cyber Security refers to the body of technologies and practices intended to protect networks, devices, applications and data from damage or unauthorized access by cybercriminals. Persistent growth in Cybercriminal activities impacts huge losses for organizations.

Did you know 62% of small organization never recover after a serious Cyber Attack..!

Cybersecurity Consulting primarily focuses on building cyber resistant organizations which is not only intended to protect themselves but also recover and resume their operations when attacked.
We strongly believe a strong defence and better cyber skills are essential in every organization.

How cyber Security Consulting service help your organization

Cyber Security consulting offers information security strategy to give better security for your organization resources. Information Security assessment to analyse the lack of security control, as well as flaws, weakness, and identify gaps.
Cybersecurity consulting also guide your organization in incident response, to address information security flaws and execute actionable mitigation strategies.

Cybersecurity Services

  • Audit and Review.
  • Security Operations and Architecture.
  • Network Security.
  • Incident Response.
  • Risk Assessment.
  • Risk Management.

The process of Cloud Penetration Testing (CPT)

Scope and Information Gathering

Gathering required information to begin our penetration testing. Environment details, access to the application with the right permission, Cloud service providers information hosting and services obtained from the cloud service provider.

Planning and Assessment

As per given information, Penetration testers will initiate analysis and multiple attacks on cloud environment to identify Possibilities of vulnerabilities. Custom scripts, open-source exploits and tools were used to assess the occurrence of issues in a cloud-based environment.

Reporting and Remediation

After assessing the vulnerabilities manual and automated testing a brief report will be generated with all vulnerabilities and loopholes. Followed by remediations will also discuss with the cloud service provider as well as the client.


Once remediation process gets done, Pen-tester will test again to confirm whether remediation was appropriately taken place or not.

Cyber Security consultancy service

We believe that organizations should look to develop a security-aware culture where executive needs are balanced against a clear understanding and gratitude of the cyber threats.
We have designed a comprehensive set of services to meet the requirements of small business to large multi-national business environments. We have faith in an illustrative that we follow the same advice that we are providing to our clients.

Why Cyberensis for Cybersecurity Consulting

  • Our experts will develop security policies which the organization has to follow for securing their resources.
  • Cyberensis will guide you vulnerabilities and risk assessments, internal and external penetration testing.
  • We focus on security architecture and configuration management and remediations against found vulnerabilities.
  • Our well certified professional will analyse your organization's compliance and need and give you the best approach to follow for keeping your resources and information secure.