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Cloud Penetration Testing (CPT)

Cloud is advanced Generation technology to utilize network resources and servers can access over the internet from anywhere. By using cloud environment, users and companies don’t have to manage physical servers or run applications on their servers.

Cloud Penetration Testing (CPT) aims to identify exploitable vulnerabilities in cloud environments. Cloud Penetration Testing (CPT) services can assess configuration, permissions models as well as hybrid and multi-cloud environment to regulate Avenues of attack, that are conceivable within your domain.

It is a method of actively checking and examining the cloud systems by simulating the attack from the malicious attacks. Due to the impact of infrastructure, penetration testing is not allowed in Software as a Service Environment. Platform as a Service and Infrastructures as a Service are allowed for penetration testing.

Usual cloud security monitoring should be implemented to the occurrence of threats, risks, and vulnerabilities.

How Cloud Penetration Testing (CPT) will Help your organization

Cloud Technology is can be said in a simple way as digital transformation, which can help organizations to finest use of resources. Cloud environment must be protected with adequate security controls and policies as it contains highly classified and sensitive information.

Cloud Penetration Testing (CPT) will manage and achieve compliance with a Security risk. Increase threat detection protects data across its life cycle and allows security in DevOps. Minimize the costs instead of maintaining network resources.

The process of Cloud Penetration Testing (CPT)

Scope and Information Gathering

Gathering required information to begin our penetration testing. Environment details, access to the application with the right permission, Cloud service providers information hosting and services obtained from the cloud service provider.

Planning and Assessment

As per given information, Penetration testers will initiate analysis and multiple attacks on cloud environment to identify Possibilities of vulnerabilities. Custom scripts, open-source exploits and tools were used to assess the occurrence of issues in a cloud-based environment.

Reporting and Remediation

After assessing the vulnerabilities manual and automated testing a brief report will be generated with all vulnerabilities and loopholes. Followed by remediations will also discuss with the cloud service provider as well as the client.


Once remediation process gets done, Pen-tester will test again to confirm whether remediation was appropriately taken place or not.

Benefits of Cloud Penetration testing (CPT)

  • Protection of clouds sensitive data against hackers and cybercriminals.
  • Detection of abnormal credential usage, misconfigurations etc..
  • Recovery and safety of data device is lost.
  • Understanding the current cloud security measures.
  • Safeguard critical cloud assets and data.
  • Profitable effortlessly organized solution for monitoring and fluctuating.

Why Cyberensis for Cloud Penetration Testing (CPT)

  • Cyberensis experts will design a secure architecture of testing methodology to support defence across multi-cloud situations.
  • Our experts will test guard rails, security, privacy compliance and requirement along with test automation and fixes.
  • We also focus on monitoring and response using self-build technologies and controls.
  • We frame the cloud security testing approach for cloud assets.